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What did the participants think?

"I am so grateful for the opportunity to play table tennis again. It is a game I loved as a teenager some 50+ years ago but finding facilities to play is so difficult I have rarely played since. The Monday sessions are providing a good physical work out and the standard of play of the other participants is similar to mine so the games are true competition. In addition, I have met a group of friendly people who believe in the value of exercise as important in our advancing years. After each session, I return home enjoyably tired but refreshed mentally. I am a true covert!" - Chris Redmond

"Since you started it several new people have joined, most of whom come on a regular basis and it's not unusual for the room to be full of players. There's a real buzz in the room and it's great to have something uplifting to start the week off with. It's also starting to have a real community feel to it." - Sally Brayne

"It is an enjoyable experience at the Thame Table Tennis sessions. I was used to playing doubles and using the old counting to 21, so it was good to learn to play singles and the new counting (although I still prefer counting to 21 and 5 services each), but rules are rules, and we go along with that. It is a friendly crowd, with everyone having fun." - Pat Simpson

"Thoroughly enjoy the table tennis sessions, really feel benefit both physically and I think mentally (all those rules to take in board!). Great innovation very pleased to be able to play at the leisure centre thank you." - Maureen Baxter

"it has definitely been a success due to the partnership working of all involved!" - Centre Manager feedback, Thame Leisure Centre