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Potential Referrers

Why should you be a referrer?

Being physically active has significant health benefits and will improve the general wellbeing of your service users.

Reducing physical inactivity by just one per cent a year over a five year period would save local authorities £1.2billion (UK Active, Turning the tide of inactivity).

For potential referrers

Below you will find some information sheets that give an overview of the GO Active, Get Healthy programme and how the referral system works.

You can also view a slide set that helps give a clear understanding of what is involved.

At the bottom, you can also see what our referral leaflet looks like. You will receive personalised hard copies of this leaflet for patient referrals when you sign up, with your organisation name printed in the 'How did you find out about GO Active, Get Healthy?' section.

If there is anything that you feel would be of use to you as a potential referrer, then please do let us know.