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Real People, Real Stories

When you are thinking of starting something new or joining a new programme, it's always good to hear how other people have found it.

It's not easy taking that first step, so hearing about someone who was in the same place as you and is now further down the line, is a great for a bit of gentle encouragement!


Here are some testimonials from people that have taken part in our GO Active, Get Healthy programme.

See how they have found the programme and what they have to say!

Paul from Cherwell:

"I found the Go Active Get Healthy scheme motivating, thought provoking and best of all successful in its attempt to get me exercising again. It helped me try new activities and put me firmly back on course to enjoying the healthier lifestyle I knew I wanted but had struggled to achieve. Many thanks to everyone who helped"

Dawn from Carterton:

"It has really worked for me. It motivated me into more exercise and a far healthier diet.

I joined a slimming world group and am only 1 pound off target, today I got into a size12...amazing! And the dog and garden have truly appreciated the more motivated me.

I am on much less medication, feel more positive and am really happy with my body image now. I have to say that the follow up calls helped keep me on track, having lapsed a little mid cycle.

Brilliant, it worked for me! I am no longer "O" that awful word for very heavy people. I have to say being a size16 and 12 stone something, I hadn't considered myself as obese. That was a word, in my opinion which was for really weight challenged people. It was the initial shock which prompted me to get some help, which worked. Now I have to keep it up and keep it off!"

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