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Welcome to the resources section of the website.

We have designed a Physical Activity Referral Pathway for you to use to as a tool to ensure that people are signposted to most appropriate scheme or programme.

Please see below for some more helpful GO Active, Get Healthy resources.

These are for current Referrers and also for those organisations who are considering signing up as a Referrer, to give you a bit more information.

Top Tips From Our Top Referrers: How To Improve Referral Rates

Here for Health, John Radcliffe Hospital have signposted 39 people to GO Active Get Healthy (as of 2nd Feb 2015) and are our Top Referrer for January with 24 referrals signed up onto the programme. This is how they do it:

"We have done this in a number of ways:

  • Sit with the individual to complete the form and then we put it in the post
  • Sit with the individual to complete the form and they put it in the post
  • Signpost the individual to the GAGH website
  • Very few (less than 5) have been given a form to complete to take away with them; we avoid doing this as you previously mentioned you would rather have us complete the form with them."


If you are interested in reading and learning more around the benefits of physical activity to health, then please visit the following:

Public Health England: Everybody active, every day: a framework to embed physical activity into daily life

UK Active - Turning the Tide of Inactivity (January 2014)

Start Active, Stay Active: A report on physical activity from the four home countries' Chief Medical Officers (July 2011)

Generation Games: NEW patient resource tool.

BHF Infographic for Childrens Physical Activity Guidelines

Nine learning modules from the BMJ on Physical Activity in the treatment of long term conditions